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Our graduates are competitive with those from any pharmacy program in the country, equaling or exceeding other graduates in scientific knowledge; clinical expertise; and their ability to think broadly, address complex problems, and adapt to diverse environments.

Our faculty are recognized world-wide for their leadership in pharmacy education, scholarship, research, and outreach as well as their pursuit of academic and intellectual leadership and integrity.

We will be recognized within Oregon and beyond as a force for change in pharmacy practice and a resource to practitioners wanting to experiment with bold new practice models

Value Statements

The quality and completeness of our studentsí education is our top priority.

* We pursue excellence in education and scholarship.
* We have the responsibility to assure that our graduates will safeguard the health of the public.
* There is community within the faculty and staff that is premised on collegiality, mutual trust, respect, honesty, and integrity.
* We value diversity within our faculty, staff, students, teaching, and scholarship in helping us to be better members of our community and society.
* The College is responsible to its students, staff, and faculty to help them grow personally and professionally.


Message from Principal's Desk

In the modern times, class-room instruction does not fulfil all the requirements for the new age pupil. Knowledge is now accessible at the click of a mouse anytime and anywhere. However, the teachers role is important in molding character.

Teachers must be role models to students. After the home, the next best person to inculcate moral values is the teacher. At various times, a teacher is called to be a mentor, counselor, nurse, surrogate parent, and guide. He has many hats to wear. The success of a school lies in how well he can juggle these hats.

Dr. Sankar Prashad Chakrabarti
M.Pharm, Phd


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